Welcome to Lilac Stella

We created this brand to support your dream of having affordable, durable and fashionable nail designs in just a couple of minutes. We are here to empower a community who is passionate about being stimulated and creative.  Here you will be able to pick a nail colour or nail art that is perfect for your liking and for any occasion.  

How it was born

Lilac Stella was founded in 2020, when most of us were in lockdown due to COVID. We understand how frustrated you were when you couldn’t have a new set of nail design for your virtual birthday parties, your virtual dates or an online meeting with your colleagues. After this disruptive year, you might even think it’s risky to go to a nail salon – “what if they didn’t sanitise their tools or what if the person before me was sick?”. Now, we found a solution that allows you to have your nail design installed / removed all by yourself with minimum tools, no drying time and without any harsh and strong-smelling chemicals.


Lilac Stella allows you to apply a new design almost instantly for your afterwork drinks with no mess, change a nail design for your Monday board meeting right after an 80s theme party on Saturday, take as many packs as you want for your vacations and change your nail design as often as you want on the go…and many more benefits to be explored on the way!

Welcome to Lilac Stella! Now you can start browsing the large number of nail designs that’s hand-picked by the team and get inspired.