About the Stick-on

How to use them?

We have created a “How it Works” page showing you the right and easy way to put the products on as well as how to remove them. Simple steps will be to Clean, Push, Peel, Stick and Press. Press to “activate” the nail wraps and give a bit more pressure on the tips too.

We are here to help so if you have any issue, shoot us an email at and we will take care of it.   

How long will they last?

Up to 10 days. Make sure you have cleaned your hands and pushed back the cuticles before applying. Keeping the wraps off the skin is always a win. Do not apply any moisturiser or hand cream before. Avoid soaking your hands in the water within half an hour after applying to allow the wraps to set.

If you really love your nail design, simply apply a top coat after applying the wraps for sealing. We recommend to completely clean your nail surface to make sure there is no residual gel left before applying a new set. 

Do I need to file my nail beds before applying?

No, you don’t need to. Different from shellac and SNS, our nail wraps will stick on without filing your nail. 

How long will it take to put the products on?

It will only 10 minutes or less for both hands! Check out our “How it Works” video and the tips of how to put them on and what to avoid. It might take a bit longer for the first time, but you will get the hang of it very soon. If you have any questions or comments, remember to email and we will help.

Can I use them on top of my Shellac or SNS nails?

Yes, you can. Our nail wraps stay on Shellac or SNS nails. We encourage creativity and our overlay designs in the Almost Nude collection would work best. Removing the nail wraps on regular nail polish might peel off your existing nail polish.

Do I need to go to a salon? What do I need to do to remove them?

No, you don’t need to go to a salon. You can remove them anywhere and anytime you want in seconds – at home, at work, on the train or during your shower. Gently peel off the wraps starting from the edge. For a quicker removal, simply soak your hand in warm water for couple of seconds and slowly peel them off.

Do I need to avoid any activities while I am wearing the product?

The nail designs in Lilac Stella have been tested under all your daily activities such as working out in the gym, washing dishes, drying your hair, taking showers and in any hot / cold weather. The activities might impact on the longevity of the product are swimming and in contact with cosmetic oil – so make sure no hand cream is on your nail before applying the nail wraps.  

Depending on your nail growth, after couple of days you could do a quick trim and file off the tip or apply a thin top coat to keep it fresh.

What do I expect in my nail design package?

You will get 16 or 20 nail wraps depending on your purchase. We also throw in a free nail file and a free cuticle pusher stick. The extra nail wraps are there to make sure you find your most fitted size or just as a backup. A good tip is to find the nail wraps that’s slightly smaller than your nail so it won’t stick to your skin. 

Will Lilac Stella nail wraps damage my nail?

Not at all. Your nails are protected! You don’t need to file your nail beds to make your nail design stay. You also don’t need nail polish removal (acetone) to remove the products. Better yet, there is no toxic smells either. Once the products are removed, your nails will be as healthy and as strong with no damage. Check out our “How it Works” page and tips to make sure you make the most of the products.


Where does Lilac Stella ship?

At the moment, Lilac Stella only ships to Australia. We are working hard to start shipping worldwide! If you are living outside Australia, you’re also welcome to join our community so you will be the first to know when our products can reach you.

How much is shipping?

Because we know you always want to know where your package is, we offer standard delivery with a tracking number. Free shipping for orders over $60. $8.95* for order below $60.

*$11.95 to remote areas.

When can I expect to receive my Lilac Stella package?

Our standard shipping normally takes 2 business days from date of dispatch within Sydney, other capital cities may vary from 3 to 9 business days. Delivery to remote areas could take up to 14 days. Having said that, you will always know where the package is with your tracking number.

What’s the return policy?

We want to make sure everyone in the community will receive the product with no issue of hygiene. With that in mind, we won’t accept return once the product is unsealed to comply with strict health and safety regulations. 
If you’ve changed your mind about the nail designs, we are happy to process the refund as soon as possible upon receipt of product within 14 days of purchase. The status of your return is at the discretion of Lilac Stella. To lodge a return please email  

Do let us know the reason of the return by emailing Every member of the community matters!

Nail Designers and Collaboration

Who are the designers?

Our designers come from graphic design background, fashion industry and the others are nail artists. All of the designers are working on new designs all year round, so our designs are trendy, fashionable and seasonal! We also make sure we will keep your favourite design in stock. Make sure to sign up our community list to get the updates and the latest inspirations. 

I am an influencer and I would like to try your product. Do you do collaboration?

Yes of course. We welcome you to try Lilac Stella and if you like the idea or design, please reach out to for more.